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I was looking through prints in my archives and found a series from Hermosillo, Mexico, taken in 2013 in a most satisfying photo experience. I crawled through the bars on a boarded-up window in the old part of town to find myself in a long-abandoned house that had been taken over by some wild street people. They were surprised to see me but very welcoming after they got used to me and my camera. This pair had just come back from panhandling in the streets, where they had picked up some masks. They began clowning around with the masks as they drank an unidentified liquid in an old, discarded plastic bottle. They got crazier and crazier until the older man fell on his knees and began praying, “Dios de salve Maria, llena de gracia, el Señor está contigo…” I called the place the brokedown palace.

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