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I’ve posted photos from my trip to Xilitla, San Luis Potosí, Mexico. These show the towns I visited and the rivers where we caught fish for Molly Morris‘s research. This a wonderful part of Mexico, and I hope to go back some time soon. The Xilitla area is off the main tourist paths but offers so many things of interest: the northernmost moist tropical forest and cloud forest in the Americas, many pristine streams and gorgeous springs and waterfalls, and many indigenous communities. The Sierra Gorda in the adjacent state of Queretaro  is home to the Sierra Gorda Biosphere reserve, one of the most ecologically rich and diverse places in Mexico. Most visitors to Xilitla go to Las Posas, a collection of 36 surrealist inspired concrete sculptures spread out over more than 20 acres of lush tropical jungle—the creation of Edward James, an eccentric English poet and artist, and patron of the Surrealist movement. I never made it there, but that’s all the more reason to go back. I hope the photos give the flavor of this non-touristy part of Mexico. 


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