Amy Goodman at the Lensic in Santa Fe

Amy Goodman signing books at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, October 10, 2012.

Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan were in Santa Fe last night on a 100-city tour to promote their new book, The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance and Hope. The Lannan Foundation hosted them at the Lensic as part of Lannan’s ongoing Cultural Freedom speakers series. Goodman is best known as the host of Democray Now, which airs on over 1,000 radio and television stations. A champion of independent media, Goodman has been to Santa Fe many times as a guest of the Lannan Foundation, interviewing renowned writers such as Chalmers Johnson, Noam Chomsky, Eduardo Galeano, Jerry Mander, Robert Fisk, Seymour Hersch, and others. Moynihan is a co-founder of Democracy Now and has promoted the organization worldwide, overseeing distribution, infrastructure development, and the coordination of complex live broadcasts from many continents. Moynihan introduced Goodman, who then held the audience rapt for over an hour with stories from her long and storied career as an independent journalist. The podcast should be up at in the next few days. Take the time to watch or listen to it! (My photos from the event will also be posted in the next few days.)

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