Guatemala 34 Years On

Chun K’in, Lacandón Elder, at Najá, 1992.


Boy and Dogs, Najá, 1992.

I visited Guatemala for the first time in the spring of 1978. I went to visit a professor of mine from UC Santa Cruz, Victor Perera, who was born in Guatemala and wrote several books about it. Victor, who was a dear friend and has since passed on, and I traveled around the country and then proceeded to meet up with my friend Steve Harper to take a group of people to meet Chun Kin, a Lacandón elder living in the forest. We continued on to float down the Usumacinta River, a wild rainforest river that forms the border between Guatemala and Mexico. In Guatemala, we traveled with representatives of a United Nations health organization, evaluating conditions in migrant labor camps. We also visited several villages around Lake Atitlán, including San Pedro, Santiago, and San Lucas Tolimán. I was back in Guatemala, along the border, several times again (1988-92), but I’ve only recently been looking through the photos, like these, from these trips. 

Old Man in the Market, Santiago Atitlán, 1978.


Woman in the Market, Santiago Atitlán, 1978.

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